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獨創課程  Innovative Course

糖霜蛋糕大師班 - Master Level Royal Icing Cake Decoration Course




Groundbreaking skills and techniques, procedures, and designs that are implemented in world-class level competitions will be shared. These techniques and skills are then refined and concentrated and integrated into Master Level course content. 

Infinite amount of patience and passion are required.  Method and procedures of this course will adopt the actual standards at an international competition level. High degree of perfection, abundant variety of techniques and skills implementations, visibly errorless from all angle, precise structural application and integration, all the fine details are set to be completed with perfection. Leading you to independently complete a finished workpiece that will be recognized by international authoritative competition jury.


穆夏黃道十二宮 Mucha Zodiac

尚未開放報名 Not avalible


​Comming soon.


|   出席證書 Certificate of Course Completion  |


A certificate of course completion will be provided automatically for all our expert level and master level courses. For courses in other levels, certificates are provided only upon requests. Please feel free to ask if you need a certificate.

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